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Monday 13th March, 2017


Welcome dinner at «Palais du Luxembourg» (Salon de Boffrand)

Jean-Pierre RAFFARIN, Chairman, Fondation Prospective et Innovation
WU Lebin, Chairman, Chinese Academy of Science Holdings
Chetan DUBE, President & CEO, IPsoft




Tuesday 14th March, 2017

08:15 Registration and Coffee

VIP Opening Ceremony: What does disruptive innovation and Internet Plus mean for China and Europe cooperation?  

  • What are our greatest challenges and opportunities?
  • How can we cooperate and work together


Serge LASVIGNES, President, Centre Pompidou
Jean-Pierre RAFFARIN, Chairman, Fondation Prospective et Innovation
WU Lebin, Chairman, Chinese Academy of Science Holdings
Hosted by: Matthew ASTILL, CEO, Cavendish Group

09:25 Signing Ceremony

Panel 1: RAID – A unique opportunity for economic growth and productivity enhancements

  • How do policy-makers seize the opportunity of disruptive innovation?
  • Are we entering Industrial Revolution 4.0 and what does this mean for governments?
  • What do we mean by Internet Plus and how can industries benefit?
  • How can businesses, governments and cities prepare for change and absorb RAID technologies


Moderator: Ambassador Serge DEGALLAIX, DG of Fondation Prospective et Innovation
WU Lebin, Chairman, Chinese Academy of Science Holdings
Chetan DUBE, President & CEO, IPsoft
Maria VAN DER HOEVEN, Board Member, Total; former Minister of Economic Affairs, The Netherlands; former Executive Director of the International Energy Agency
Thomas DONATO, President, Rockwell Automation Europe


Panel 2: RAID – Understanding the scale, speed and impact of change

  • How do we quantify the scale of change and provide a context to RAID?
  • How can new technologies drive innovation and renew productivity, and by how much?
  • Where is disruption happening fastest – in which sectors and regions?


Moderator: Dennis BRACY, CEO, US-China Clean Energy Forum
Tony PRESCOTT, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, Sheffield University; Director, Sheffield Robotics
Dr. Wei QI, President, CAS Quantum Network Co., Ltd
Mark BEILBY, Chairman, Lumi Technologies
Fred VAN BEUNINGEN, Managing Partner, Chrysalix Venture Capital
Charles LIU, Chairman, Hao International

11:15 Networking break and refreshments

Panel 3: Leadership in times of unique disruptive and creative innovation

  • How do business leaders see disruptive innovation transforming their industries?
  • What can they do to embrace disruptive innovation and drive sustainable growth?
  • Can the mindset of business leaders keep step with the pace of technological change?
  • To what extent is it possible to future-proof your business?
  • The implications of AI for decision making in business administration


Moderator: Ahmed BALADI, Lawyer – Partner, Gibson Dunn
Rob PROCTOR, CEO, audioBoom
Benoist GROSSMAN, Managing Partner, Idinvest Partners
SUN Jian, Deputy General Representative, Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC)

12:30 Networking Lunch

Panel 4: Energy: sustainable solutions to global challenges

  • What are the big energy challenges faced by industries and governments?
  • How can disruptive innovation drive sustainable energy production and consumption?
  • How do energy companies manage, exploit and commercialise data?
  • Which new competitors do large energy companies fear and why?


Moderator: Victor HO, Partner, Allen & Overy
Matti RUOTSALA, Deputy CEO, Fortum Corporation
Jianguo YU, Deputy Engineer in Chief, China Southern Power Grid
Dennis BRACY, Chief Executive Officer, US-China Clean Energy Forum
LI Xiangsheng, CFO, China General Nuclear Europe Energy (CGNEE)

15:00 Panel 5: The smarter cities of the future
  • What are the challenges and opportunities of disruptive innovation for cities?
  • How can cities share testing and deployment of new technologies?
  • RAID strategies for urban mobility and intelligent transport systems


Moderator: Filip VAN ELSEN, Partner, Allen & Overy
Carine SALOFF-COSTE, Head of Economic Development, City of Paris
Lean DOODY, Associate Director, Arup
Bas BOORSMA, Director Internet of Everything North Europe, Cisco
QIN Xi, President of SIMIC Holdings Co., Ltd.
HE Xu Ming, Executive Chairman, World IoT Convention

16:10 Networking break and refreshments
16:45 Panel 6: China-Europe cross border investing in Disruptive Innovation
  • Which sectors present the best opportunities in Europe?
  • How can Chinese investors build cross border investment strategies around disruptive innovation?
  • How can we manage this in a collaborative and win-win partnership?
  • What are the key areas of fintech in which China and Europe can invest and cooperate?


Moderator: Philippe MARIANI, Deputy Director, Fondation Sophia Antipolis
Victor HO, Partner, Allen & Overy
Koos TESSELAAR, Chairman, Hemingway Corporate Finance; Member Advisory Board IPSoft Europe; Board Member, Oracle Benelux
Laurent VIGIER, CEO, CDC International

17:30 Drinks Reception



Wednesday 15th March, 2017
B2B Day – Westin Vendôme Hotel

09:00 Arrival and coffee

B2B Meetings and Investment Opportunities
In these practical B2B sessions, delegates will participate in a series of presentations that match investors, projects and companies in disruptive technologies in the following sectors:

  • Internet Plus and Advanced Industrial Technology (including robotics/automation)
  • Disruptive Technology for Energy
  • Financial Services and Investment
  • Transport & Mobility
  • Urban Technology / Smart Cities
  • Data Driven Healthcare / Personalised Medicine


Please contact the organisers if you would to present an investment opportunity.


Conference Organisers


RAID Conference and Exhibition addresses new innovations and disruptive technologies in areas of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Internet-of-Things and Data


  • Cavendish Group
    2nd Floor Front, 116-118 Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1PP, United Kingdom
    Tel: +44 (0)203 675 9530

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